A Beautiful Human Gave me Hope Today

A Beautiful Human Gave me Hope Today
I am in Starbucks in Goleta; a couple is at my usual table. I am a bit unhappy but not totally because another table is available but it is not near a sunny window. As I stand in line, I look over twice, three times. Okay, they are not moving. I accept, purchase my tea and get to work. Now, this couple I know from frequent visits. They are not tall; she is a bit tubby; she is a busy body; she collects all the newspapers and sits for hours collecting ads. He, on the other hand, is slim tanned cute and very quiet. He is always serious and sits plugged into his cell phone. At times she speaks, he listens. They are a well oiled machine. The years of togetherness speak in every movement. Knowing this, I resign myself to the fact that they are going nowhere soon. I reach for my student papers; I dig in, head down, focus on reading and writing.

In between each paper, I look up, look out and remember Donald Trump and the sad knowledge of what bubbles in the minds of many “Americans.”

Suddenly, I hear a quiet voice with a smile shaping the words “Hi, would you like the table; I always see you here and I know it’s your favorite table.” In absolute surprise, I look up and see that man, the quiet one, the one with his head down who I always assumed noticed no one, he is right there in my face smiling and continuing with “my wife and I like to sit there too, and I saw you look over.” I am in love for a moment. I gush “thanks.” I rush into “so nice of you, really so very nice for you to think of me.” What I really want to do is hug him and tell him that I am so happy that someone reminds me that lots of us are so human, so beautiful. “Thanks you” is just not enough. But “thank you.”


One Response to “A Beautiful Human Gave me Hope Today”

  1. Audrey Bynoe Says:

    Beautiful. You should have given him a hug.

    Sent from my iPhone


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