The Unborn by Yaari

In the spirit world a long time ago, the spirits looked down and found great pride in a couple who lived in a land of wide expanses of green, lush trees, deep lakes and rushing rivers.  They watched as she, deep dark and vibrantly black, moved up and against her lover as he dipped steadily into her, his powerful muscles encased in the lushness of sapodilla smooth brown skin.

Children spilled from her womb full of health, sucking deep into their bodies the milk of a loved woman and very soon they roamed happily in a land of siblings, family, and love.

This couple never left each other; they broke bread, hunted, made home, cared and grew into weather wrinkled wise ones.  She was a teacher and he was a healer.  They laughed; they loved; they created stories – teaching and healing their offspring and the future.  When death came to her she followed and waited patiently on the other side for her lover.  He, seeing no reason to stay, joined her quickly and happiness was their reward.

Their spirits were then reborn into two beautiful African beings that found themselves on a march to slave ships.  She was torn from him and stumbled battered and raped onto Caribbean soil.  He found himself on a block, his balls palmed and examined and his beautiful muscles prodded – sold onto a plantation of cruelty and hate.

She was forced time and time again to bring forth children; brutality withered her spirit as over the years she watched as predator fathers raped and sold their own children.  This time she ran into the arms of death chased by an evil she could not name.

He, covered with the scars of that vicious evil, watched as his seed came forth from multiple loins into a world of inhumane translucent beings.  They stood on two feet, fangs dripping with blood, as they fed new flesh to their young.  He died with a longing for a time long ago and a land of stars and freedom still a flicker in his memory.

On the other side, she took deep breaths with the hope that he would come.  He arrived to find her waiting.  They held each other and waited to try again.  This time they found different chains and they refused to give birth, to share, to provide flesh to the new monster – capitalist cannibalism.


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