Is jealous deh jealous eh

I’m lookin’ at dis CD called deh Motherland an it come to meh.  Is no different dan deh man next door, dan meh friend at school…. deh just jealous, but is a jealous full ah hate.  Deh wanted to be fus. Like meh grandmudda say you gotta get a small min to understand dese folk.  Is deh really ignoran ones deh let lose to rob and plunder.  Ah mean if deh pirate thief Columbus didn’ even kno when he meet dem Carib people dat he wasn’t in India yuh kno when deh were rapin and thiefin dem humans pun African soil deh had no idea wuh deh was doin’ – ai ain’t sayin it would ah stop dem – but it was deh mudda mudda mudda chile deh was killin.

Ah gon tell yuh it does mek me laugh with a cackle uh somethin hot in meh voice when ai hear deh “horror” in dem voice when deh talk bout Hitler; ah mean do dese people read.  Is who deh tink dis man study?  Ah mean does dese people really kno deh history.  Is 50 million people deh tief an ah hear half ah dat dead pun deh way over makin deh middle passage maybe deh largest graveyard yet.  Deh jokin right – when dem uppity “class” conscious people who does celebrate deh jubilee of one vicious family – of course deh believe in Darwin and he does help dem sleep at night – ai mean ai sure dem lion an’ tiger run in deh opposite direction when deh learn and see dem European devour meat.  Ah mean dat man put deh animal in animal.

An deh hungry and greedy bad eh.  Ah mean dat is what capitalism is all about and deh whole idea is to we to all agree it deh only way to go and den we all Bamaco and dis one, deh motherland.  Ah mean deh got we believin dat poverty is because deh poor like poor.  Deh got we believe dat deh middle class is we goal so we climb each odda like crabs spittin out each odda blood as we an crawl.

Ah have to be honest.  I don’t believe dis story dat deh didn’t really kno wuh deh was doin’ because deh was convinced dat we was animals.  Really!  Half deh women pun deh slave ship com off pregnant.  Naw man dese people kno wuh deh was doin an today deh kno wuh deh is doin.

Ai ain’t gon seh dat today deh is doing deh same old same old with “sophistication.”  Wuh is duh?  Globalization, sweat shops, mekin we meh it, tek it from we fuh a dolla and den sen it back fuh we to buy fuh even mo money.  My grandmodda use to seh is brute force and ignorance and dat is wha it is.


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