The new clothes by Yaari

When they look back at our “culture” our “civilization” they will recognize the sickness.  Is it a human  thing this gladiator thirst for blood – some kind of blood or this vulgar need to dehumanize some other human being.  I sit here in the hotel and no glasses no work I decide to surf.  The TV has one after the other one after the other show of degradation and dehumanization.  But today I decide to really watch a show on prisoners.  I took my time and I allowed all the responses, the emotions, the feelings and I asked the questions.

The thing about computers and televisions is that I can write as I see; I can write as I feel; I can stay with the feelings and as I watch I think of years ago when mentally ill patients were the circus show for the British society.  I think of Hitler and the many human beings that used him as a reason for their deeply inhumane and psychotic brutality and that was in my lifetime.

I look at this TV show and I see and hear the connections, the bridges, between the NPR show where the man shared the deeply racist beliefs his family expressed at the Thankgiving dining table, THE THANKGIVING DINING TABLE –  the place where Americans eat hearty meals while celebrating their denial of how they actually stole the land that they declared God sent them to take.   And, in this case, a family sat to share how they really feel about the descendants of the black women and men that they raped, brutalized, sold.

I have a hard time seeing the good in this “transparency” of prison life.  I see a sick sick sick social movement in these reality shows.  I see a focus on religion as salvation – the new missionaries in a society of people of color and they win their souls for God.  I see a sick society that on one hand talks about the sickness of homosexuality as they house warm blooded humans in pens without any access to human need – they create the show and then sell it as a public performance for the world.  A trapped bunch of performers for their mastabatory  fetish type behavior.   The camera focus tells you that this is not a worthwhile or worthy path.  The camera like a peeping tom, the camera like the sick minds of those who performed the mutilation of the homosexuals, Gipsies, and Jews take us to the cuffs on the hands of the men, the camera takes us to the smears of blood, to the nakedness of the men.

The TV is being used to seduce us into the public rape of men – mostly men of color with enough white men to counteract the accusation that this is another lynching another enslavement another violent attack on the humanity of certain groups.  We watch as men must pee for tests, as they do push ups in their cells, who pace like animals in a zoo as they battle the forces of a tragically and dangerously schizophrenic culture.

I listen as a black man talks proudly of his duty to execute these men.  The society is being fed the idea that we should come to believe the story that started in their fields – black men are dangerous animals who prey on other humans especially white women.  I look at this man’s face and I listen as he details and describes how he goes about killing his victims.  American civilization?  I understand in a visceral way from my experiences in the white world how much the innocent white person is not even able to see and admit to themselves that they still live as if their black brothers and sisters (and I mean that literally when you think of the many white men who continuously raped black women in order to increase their slave trade) are not fully human; they practice an “innocence” that is as poisonous as the cobra.


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